Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why'd you bother?

A while ago, someone I hadn't spoken to in about two years sent me a quick email asking me how I was doing, where I was, what I was up to, etc. It's not easy to sum up two years in a sentence, so I ended up writing about four paragraphs or so filling him in on stuff. He wrote back three weeks later with a 3-sentence reply. Seriously. Why did you bother in the first place?

All is well on the food front, however. I followed the Meh blog recipe and made chicken sweetcorn soup. Oh man. I used to love to order this whenever we went out for Chinese food. It didn't turn out as pretty (and the egg not as fluffy...lots of things I still need to improve on!), but it was delicious. Thanks T!

Some more translation work, then baking a cake, making dinner, and getting ready for the film festival tonight.


  1. I know that very well from myself. The problem is that when you get a gigantic two page response I personally feel presured to write something as big back, but because of my lack of time/motivation I end up pushing it more and more away until the point where I think that I have to write something just to show that I am not dead. So I end up writing just a couple of lines. I think such a huge response can be a conversation killer...

  2. I dunno. He asked, I wrote. He doesn't really care, hence I no longer really care.

  3. Been there too, and also agree with Rico. Though there are actually people out there that don't care...
    The food looks nice! I guess I should've mentioned that a light soy sauce was used (Pearl River brand) in my recipe. :x Glad it still tasted good! And thanks for linking me again!

  4. Ach, next time with light soy sauce then. I need a bit more practice, but it was so delish that I'm sure I'll make it pretty regularly from now on. Thanks!! ;)