Sunday, April 1, 2012

Privacy and Stuff



  1. Your comics are funny! hahah Greetings from your Mexican reader living in Hong Kong.. (in case you are wondering I arrived here through Pigs in Maputo).

  2. Hey Arturo! Thanks! I know you; you've commented before! :D Glad to see you here again!

  3. You've been doing well drawing bodies, haven't you? The change was so subtle, but the artwork improved a lot (even though I liked the stick figures too).
    I also thought about what to do if Ben and I ever broke up, but that's something I'll just have to see then--IF it happens.

    Main problem now is how to connect the comics from before 2009 to now, as I was always complaining about being single, then didn't draw for a year and WAHEY! Not single anymore. :p

  4. I'm kind of trying this non-stickfigure-body out, and I kind of like it! It obviously takes a bit more time but it's sometimes 10 times more expressive than stick arms. haha. (Although the stick figures often work really well.) Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    "and WAHEY! not single anymore!" HAHA! I didn't know that you had a year-long gap (I guess I started checking out your blog relatively recently). Maybe you can summarize the missing year in a page or something "The Year in a Nutshell" kind of thing. It could be interesting to see the difference between a year meticulously documented with daily comics and a year summed up in a year. :)