Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Productive...kind of



  1. I'll definitely let you know when it's finished!! :D

  2. Ack, I made a 'How-to-make-smallpress-booklets' tutorial once on DeviantArt, but cancelled my account last month. I just remembered I never saved it! O_O
    Should I make a new one, or are you finished now?

  3. Oh good old Deviantart! (My account is still alive...but CRINGE!) Noo, don't worry about making a new one just for me . . . I'm ALMOST done. I need to get the master pages copied. And bound. I guess that'll take some time, but yeah. Almost there!

  4. I felt so free after I finally cancelled my account! There was too much stuff that should never be seen... hahaha.
    How are you going to bind them? Those staplers with moveable upper part (the lower part is a ruler) are great for stapling booklets. Copyshops should also have a machine that does that for €0,05 a book.

  5. I think I'm going to sew them together! It's probably going to take forever, but I like the way it looks so handmade-y. :)

    And yeah, I should probably delete my account too. Oh, the shame, eh.