Friday, May 18, 2012

Booga Booga

G has a pretty low voice and he mumbles a bit, so it's nearly impossible to understand him on the phone, even if you talk to him all the time. Well, that's not true. But this was difficult to decipher on the telephone.


  1. I so wish there was a booga booga bar, it sounds promissing. Would it be tiki themed?

  2. Hahahaha your face in the last panel (unmoved) makes it more infuriating...and funny.

  3. Charlotte: HAHAHA! Oh man. I've yet to find a tiki bar in Berlin, but if I ever start will be called the BOOGA BOOGA. Just for you.

    Tze: Yes. I gave up after about the third time. It was a nice bar with 8 euro pitcher (1.5L) local beer (not too bad for Mitte) and drink menus that were pasted into old books. Not at all böse! Or booga.