Sunday, May 6, 2012


Technically not a Saturday post, but still a Saturday post! T'was a long day of learning how to use the tablet.

Anyway, this happened to me yesterday while buying a keg of beer at a supermarket. This is either a new high or a new low . . .


  1. I like the colored version!

  2. Spanks! Look who's still up! Go to beeeeeed! You has to run tomorrow!

  3. Love your comic Noz!!!! Looks so nice.... you got a new tablet??? Soooo coool ;) And I would say it's a positive thing ;) You will remember this when you are 50 and want to look younger :P (K)

  4. Leia: EEK colours!

    K: Thanks K! I'm borrowing a tablet for now and learning how to use it before I buy my own! And yeah, I guess it could be positive--we'll see what happens when I get older! :P

    Zanoo: Taburetto! I also JUST (stupidly) realized I'll be in town for your BIRFDAY! YEAHHHHHHH!