Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just in case

It really doesn't matter how old I get; as far as my parents are concerned, I'm ten years old. (And yes, my mom actually did advise me not to talk to strangers.)


  1. There are places where I can understand that level of worrying, even over one stop, but I don't think Japan has any of those XD
    I've stayed in the worst part of Osaka the second time I visited (one of the worst Japan has to offer in terms of organized crime stuff? but hey, cheap backpacker hostels) and when I tell Japanese friends they nearly freak out - but duh. JAPAN. This was so much safer than several parts of the town I in Germany where did my undergrad studies. More like one of the safe parts at night - and your Berlin has a far worse reputation than my old town ;D
    Enjoy your stay!
    - Kerstin

    1. I know! It's so true; Japan is sooo much safer than most places I've been. It shocks me every single time I see some guy walk around with a giant wallet sticking out of his back pocket . . . don't these people ever get pickpocketed or mugged? I guess they learn it the hard way when they travel abroad for the first time . . .

    2. Or their mobile phones, yes. In restaurants or bars I often see people leaving their phones or wallets (or entire bags) at their table when they go to the restrooms even when they are alone.
      And the stuff is still there once they come back.
      Traveling abroad must be a shock the first time...

      - Kerstin