Thursday, February 27, 2014

Holy Birthday

I know the law of birthdays is like, super holy in Germany, but I always forget how sacred it can be...


  1. You don't want to celebrate the night before you have to go to work. Makes great sense to me. My bride always had a cake and their favorite dinner on the sons birthday, but if we were have a party or event, we would invite people and celebrate their birthday on a weekend. Much more fun to get tuckered out knowing you don't HAVE to get up the next day.

  2. O_O I'm totally with G here - what was wrong with the next Friday/Saturday? One day early is ok as long as congratulations wait till midnight, but... WAH!

    On a side-note, awesome flow and facial expressions here, I really had to laugh 8D

    - Kerstin

    1. I totally agree with you here. This comic's so adorable! :D

    2. thirded.
      none of us would celebrate or congratulate before passing an exam. to germans, pre-birthday celebrations and congratulations feel similar. like a sin: you might jinx it!

    3. This sinful feeling sure has rubbed off on me...I can't have a pre-birthday celebration anymore!! EEK! So Germanified!

  3. Oh yes that's a holy rule, never ever congratulate in Germany before the birthday, never do party before the birthday. The only exception is on the day before, but the congratulations have to wait midnight...

    And if you miss the congratulations on the right day, you have to add "nachträglich" in any sentence used to congratulate ... too late.

    - Livredor