Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pixelated Image

He was probably confused by the pixelated Skype video, but still.

Hi from Hakodate! Sorry for the crappy quality -- the lighting was bad in the room I'm staying in. But yes. Will post Hakodate comics soon! 


  1. "G" is the smartest man in the galaxy! Oh, and he says your hair looks nice as well.

    1. I agree! And he says I'm pretty even when I'm bloated/feeling ugly/having a bad hair day/etc. He's basically the best. :)

    2. May God give a -this lovely, considerate and kind- "G-Man" copies to all the women of the world. (Of course you deserve the original one, Nozomi-san) His kindness and your polite sense of humour go so well together, as far as I know by reading your blog for a few years. So different cultures but the mixture is so great. I adore your relationship with all my heart. And I also adore each one of you.

      Love from İstanbul, Turkey (Just a sad maiden whose heart is so many times broken by the words of harsh men of her own country, couldn't resist commenting on this romantic post)

    3. You are too sweet! G and I read your comment together (while Skyping) and were so touched. Thank you! And I'm sorry to hear about your heartbreaks...but I pray that you'll be happy with your own G soon! Much love and thanks for your comment!!