Monday, February 21, 2011


More Saudi-related comics.

When I moved to Riyadh at the age of 13, I was horrified at the idea of wearing abayas and covering my head. I'd just discovered boys and spaghetti-strap tank tops (god, so 90s) and I was resentful of the oppressive Saudi laws that took my freedom away. But then, like all things, I got used to it. And once I got past the oppressiveness of the abaya, I started to notice its advantages.

I, for one, was a big fan of wearing my abaya over my pajamas, going to the mall, and walking into fancy shmancy stores for kicks.

Sometimes I miss wearing my abaya . . .

Inspired by a comic from the awesome Pigs in Maputo blog.

(Saudi friends: let me know if you remember any other funny Saudi stories that I've forgotten.)

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  1. how about bringing sweaters to school when it was 40C because the AC was so cold?