Thursday, February 24, 2011


Morning entry. I'm procrastinating.

I don't pretend to have awesome taste in music (I don't), but if you're over 16 and you like Nickelback . . . I might judge you. More than a little bit.


  1. Actually I don't understand the hating against Nickelback. I mean I don't know their music but from what I heard it's just generic rock... Is it because they made the Spiderman soundtrack? :)

  2. OH MY GOD, you're right, he did do the Spiderman soundtrack....blargh.

  3. Its pretty interesting how one band can divide people. I wonder why that is. =)

  4. i dont know why people dont like Nickelback, they make beautiful song lyris, they can make it go to rock, to a sing u can listen with your bf/gf and have beautiful meaning ful music videos, its not about sluts, bitches and hoes.
    i dont give a fuck what yuo say about them. i love them