Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It happens in every language, but the Japanese language is overflowing with anglicisms. And as much as I try to avoid them, I still get suckered into using them. But seriously though, I wish we could do something about our Engrish grammar (as much as I enjoy it) before we start flooding our vocabulary with complicated anglicisms that 70% of the people don't understand anyway.

rant rant.

Byakuyako (Into the White Night) last night was amaazing, by the way! It was the first time my mom had been to a movie theatre since mid 2009, and they really enjoyed it. But my poor dad sat next to some dude who apparently farted halfway through the movie. My mom told him that he should have made a scene and pretended to choke. Hmm. Anyway. The film was good. 

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