Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foto-Flash Mob

Taking a break from preparing my German presentation for tonight. It's a really short presentation and there really is no reason to feel pressured, but my brain is on fire. German is hard. Mleeeh.

Anyway, this was a few weeks ago. G and I had just met up at a station when some guy came up to us offering us tulips ("For your girlfriend!"). We thought he was just trying to sell it to us but he offered them to persistently that we eventually took them. And then we look up to see a few people with cameras (SLRs with tripods) taking photos of us. I kind of stood there dumbfounded while G tried to pull us away to the other end of the platform. They continued to take photos of us from afar. I guess we should have asked what they were doing instead of running away...but yes. If you see photos of us somewhere, let us know. Ha. Watch our photo be used for some stupid dating website...or contraceptive pills...or something. Uh.

Ok. Back to trying to explain conceptual art in German. Unngh.


  1. I once found myself on the cover of a newspaper... the day before I was just cycling home from high school, and someone took a picture as I cycled past a wall with graffiti.
    The text read: "Berlin wall in the Netherlands?"
    T_T I felt so abused!

  2. Seriously!? I mean...I guess newspapers are allowed to do that, but still! It can be pretty offensive to the person, especially when it's totally taken out of context. :<

  3. I think that's the truth behind most photos in newspapers or scenes on TV anyway...