Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grinding Teeth

My dentist told me a few years ago that I grind my teeth, so I usually wear a night guard to keep myself from destroying my teeth. This is apparently what it sounds like when I don't wear my night guard.

Ok, I understand mills, but galloping horses?


  1. oh! that happens to me too and people told me it sounds like heavy chains being dragged against the floor. they are also impressed how i wake up with any teeth at all.

  2. A mill AND gallopping horses?? At the same time? 3D surround sound?? XD

  3. actually a weird mix of both - the sound of a mill in the rhythm of galloping horses; Slightly Monty Pythonesque.

  4. I: I literally laughed out loud at your comment. Heavy chains being dragged against the floor is a pretty awesome description. Yeah, it's a miracle we have any teeth left...mine are pretty worn down and flat. Maybe it's evened out because I had big mousy teeth as a kid. But still. It's also scary to look at the wear and tear of my plastic night guard.

    T: Yeah, and poor G sleeping next to it. HAHA. Nightmares!

    G: I probably should wear my night guard every night, even if IS the most unattractive thing in the world. Oh, and it makes me drool. A lot.

  5. That's still impressive. And scary.