Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painting on Porcelain

It's still Tuesday in my head, so this counts as a Tuesday entry!

I had a really long and stressful day today that involved riding in an ambulance for the first time in my life and spending a few hours in the psychiatric ward of a large hospital, also for the first time in my life (and neither for myself, fortunately).

I'm still a bit restless and unable to sleep, and the only cure is lolcats.

Basically, I want a 5-plate set of the "invisible series." ie. Like this, but just the kitteh alone:



  1. Erk?! That sounds like a terribly stressful day. Hope you're feeling better now. D:

  2. T: Thanks! Sorry I've been so bad with updating and whatnot. I'm in better shape now, whoop!

    C: I can't remember what life without lolcats was like. HA.