Friday, November 23, 2012

Proper Pronunciation

I think Tze was the first web-cartoonist/comic diary blogger I ever interacted with (Asian girl living in Germany who also does diary comics!), and I'm really looking forward to meeting her in person this weekend. But the downside of a web-only relationship is don't really figure out how to pronounce their names properly. Sorry Tze! I guess I'l find out soon enough.

Anyway, go check out Tze's Meh Blog if you haven't already! She has lots of great illustrated recipes too.


  1. Don't worry, if you mess up real bad I''ll just call you Noshomi. See you soon!

    1. which now means that if she does, she will know immediately! :)

    2. HAHA! It was all right in the end, but it was a totally unexpected pronunciation!