Thursday, May 16, 2013

Single friends

Break-ups are sad, but it's less sad if you think about it this way: the hot-singles population of Copenhagen just increased by two.


  1. So... I'm back *yay* and I've been catching up with the comics I lost (I haven't been here this year yet until last week! I thought of taking a time so I would have more comics to read and somewhere in my mind I was like "yeah, it has been a month... or five?")
    Anyway, I read them all, so I have a question:
    When did you get a nose?
    Why is not an event like it was with G's nose?

    Glad to be back :)

    1. You're BAAAAAACK! I was just talking to G with you the other day about your whereabouts.
      And yes! I've grown a nose! But this is a pretty new thing...I think it was right before the hourly comic the other week. :) My nose just kind of snuck in there...