Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've been living here for nearly 3 years now, but it kind of occurred to me today how obsessive Germans are about fizzy water and how they mix fizzy water with everything, which makes me wonder why other countries don't do it because it's awesome. Especially Apfelschorle (or Apfelsaftschorle). Our friend Adam put the Germans' love for Apfelschorle really well in his article How to be German:

"You know in movies when people go to therapy and then the therapist asks them to create a happy place. A safe, tranquil spot they can turn to when the world gets too big and scary. Usually it’s a beach, or a rocking chair on the front porch of an idyllic childhood home? For Germans, that happy place is swimming naked in a lake of Apfelsaftschorle."

I would also happily swim in a lake of Apfelschorle. Probably not naked, though, because I'm not quite that German yet.


  1. In Argentina is also very common, we call it soda (not related to the american soda). It usually comes in a sifón which is kind of like a soap dispenser and people drink it alone, with wine and juice

  2. I tried mixing one part each apple juice and sparkling water...too good! I am an apfelschorie convert. I know my grandkids will love it. Thanks!

    1. Ahh! So glad you love it! So simple but genius. :) I hope your grandchildren like it too!! Prost!!

  3. OH...and "Prost!"