Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas bloggers! Hope it's a warm, happy, stress-free one, and that you're not stuck in a wuss of a West European airport reading this using airport Wifi. If you are, I send you warm thoughts.
So what's new? I'm a proud owner of a beautiful yellow Freitag wallet. An adult wallet! I can officially bid tschüss (well no, I will still use them for other purposes) to my old coin purse. I've been looking for a worthy adult wallet for almost a year now, and this one is just perfect. wee!

So far I've been spending Christmas proofreading a 50-page translation I did a while ago. I'm just so easily distracted though. oof.

I will be back later with a cartoon!

Am back with a cartoon. Not very Christmassy, but something about capybaras are really fantastic.

Hope you had a supermerry Xmas.

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