Sunday, December 12, 2010


This weekend must have been the laziest weekend on earth. I left the house once to buy eggs, and only reluctantly. Oh, I started printing and writing my new year's cards, though. That was slightly productive, but I was basically just procrastinating because I didn't want to study for my German test. My idea of studying for my exam this weekend was watching German TV. Well, no. But I certainly could have done more . . .

Anywho. I was going through facebook photos (which is what I often do when I'm procrastinating), and I found a really funny comment by Mar's friend Q. Q is a really awesome guy with lots of obsessions, like shuffling (a kind of dance), working out, techno music, babies (yes, babies), hygiene, and meat.

This particular comment was about meat. Q eats a lot of meat. Well, he eats a lot in general. He told us once about a time when he got really hungry for a burger around 3am or so. There were no stores open, so he tried to walk through a McDonalds drive-thru, but apparently they refused to serve him and he was really upset. He's also really thin. God only knows where all the food goes. Either he's hiding it somewhere or he's got the most amazing metabolism in the world. Anywho.

It was a photo of my friends eating veggie burgers. For Q, veggie burgers is a mystery. Why would anyone eat a veggie burger when you could order a perfectly good burger? He described to me a nightmare that he had the night after he saw the photo, which basically went like this:

(click to enlarge)

"I had a dream last night about veggie burgers ZOMG! ok so I was like waiting in line at the cafeteria with 2 ppl in front. I saw a block of meat(pork, though it looks like those round blocks of smoked chicken at the deli) still there, but only 1/3 left.

When it was my turn, another worker asked what do I want on my burger. I looked at the containers and it's all veggies. I asked "What? Don't I get to choose which meat first?" And they're like "no, it's past 11pm, we don't serve meat after 11pm" I was HORRIFIED!!!! I asked why and they replied no one does.

I looked around at the McDonalds and Burger King next door and it was closed. I told them, "I still see that block of meat right there. Why don't you sell me that?" They said "It's store policy to not sell meat after 11pm" I was like "WTF, what kind of stupid policy is that?"

I was getting so worried. The thought of NO MEAT for a WHOLE NIGHT was UNBEARABLE. By now tons of ppl were in line waiting. I kept asking them to sell me what's left of the block of pork... to no avail."

Aw! I miss Q!

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