Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have an incredibly stupid fear of answering phone calls from people I don't know, or just answering phones in general. Thinking I'd be able to overcome my fear of phones by making myself confront the problem, I took a job as a customer service rep after university, only to find that it only made things worse (as 75% of the clients calling in were angry about something). Sure enough, I quit 3 months later and took refuge in the significantly less social world of translation.

And yes, I do actually cover my phone with a pillow and sit on it until it stops ringing.


  1. i have a fear of making phone calls

  2. Jajajaja I have to say that I also got that fear! I hate it when I don't know who's calling... and I even hate more when I have to phone somebody I don't know....

    Hahahaha aber ich setze mich nicht auf den Kissen mit dem Telefon drunter, would shmash it jajaja :P