Monday, June 6, 2011

Bremen in Retrospect IV

Bremen (and Norddeutschland in general) is pretty flat...

But man, does the flatness makes for a great cycling/jogging city!


  1. Haha! you should have seen the Dutch people coming to the Dutch- German- Belgian border right by Aachen to see "the highest mountain in Holland" :)

  2. :D That's awesome! Although really, I have to say that it's awesome as a cyclist!! I used to commute to work by bike in Tokyo (and Tokyo is RIDICULOUSLY hilly...Japan in general is, I guess) and there was this crazy hill that I could just NEVER get all the way up in one go. Even to push the bike up was painful. Oof. Israel looks pretty Haifa hilly?

  3. Haifa is set on the Carmel mountains, so it's very hilly. I would never go biking in Haifa, not even as a joke. I will reconsider if I ever get the thighs of an Olympic cyclist :)