Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The WG from Hell

Crazy story I heard from a friend this past weekend:

I've been lucky with roommates so I tend to romanticize WGs, but I'd live alone in a miniscule apartment or with my slightly paranoid parents than with a freaky stranger any day.


  1. Ugh! You know I've noticed this kind of behaviour a lot over here, people asked me out for dinner at home etc (old guys!!!). Disgusting. D:

  2. Yikes! I've had random propositions from old men too, but mostly in France. But especially when you find out that the guy you're living with is a creepster, well...RUN!

  3. ps. I have no idea how old this guy is that my friend lived with...he could have been a young creepster. In any case, a creepster all the same.