Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cyclist's Habits

Cycling has turned me into a weird pedestrian . . .


  1. Strange thing what I realised is that depending if I'm walking or not the others are allways the bad ones. When I walk the bikedrivers are just reckless and annoying and when I drive with the bike the pedestrians are allways in the way and annoying...

  2. I do! Sometimes! And then I quickly realize what I'm doing and I walk away sheepishly. :P

  3. R: Yeah, that, and actually, I often get irritated at other cyclists even though I'm a cyclist myself. Some of them are cocky, cycle aggressively, and think they own the street. I think I'm like that when I'm walking, too. Some pedestrians just don't know how to walk! In conclusion, people who don't know how to share the street space are annoying!