Friday, June 10, 2011

Raccoons are Exotic

Having spent more than a third of my life in North America, it's been drilled into my head that raccoons are pests. They're apparently exotic in Europe . . .
Although I have to admit, they're pretty damn squee. 

Right, okay. That's just ridiculously adorable.

ps. And Happy Birthday to Zanekins!


  1. I bet that one is just preparing to crack open the shell to get to its tasty contents. :p Did see a video where one accidentally ate an unripe berry and kept pulling faces.
    Hahahahaha at G. squealing! XD

  2. G: I do have to admit now that they are long as they don't give us rabies!

    T: HAHA. "So how do I get this thing open?" I haven't seen the video; I just ran a quick search for them but couldn't find it...but instead saw lots of other adorable videos of raccoons. daww!!!