Sunday, August 21, 2011

To Scotland and Back

Long time no blog! I was actually away on a road trip with my parents and just got back today. Apologies for the belated update . . . I'll be much more on the ball this week and so keep checking back!

See reference to Bremen trip here.


  1. Yeyyyyyyyy you're back!!! Didn't know about your trip, I'm glad you had a nice time :D Hope to see you soon Nozomita!!!

  2. K: I'M BACK! I'm sorry I didn't let you know that I was going away! I guess we were busy chatting away about something else the last time. I hope work is going well and hope to see you sooon! I'm a bit sick at the moment (the whole family is, actually), so maybe when I'm better and non-infectious!!!

  3. Ohh, a bit of a different style as well! More text works really well this way, clever. :)

    I would've caught a cold (at least) froma trip like that... and would've felt so tired... =_= Welcome back!

  4. And you're absolutely right, we did (all of us) get sick! I'm just snotty and sneezy, but my parents have got it worse. Yikes!
    Thanks for your comment, and I'll be looking forward to your updates! :D

  5. Oh, maybe next time you go on a trip but don't want to feel guilty about ignoring German, you could print a sheet with words/terms/grammar rules to learn over the time you're away? Just promise yourself you will have learnt all of them by the time you come back.

  6. Yeah, you're right. That's exactly what I should do next time!!