Sunday, October 16, 2011


Wargh! No updates in two days! I've been feeling guilty about it all weekend, so here's an update about something my friend M's mama (German) told me a couple of years ago . . .

I still haven't learned how to slice bread evenly. But it's okay, I'm just going to buy myself a bread slicer. Yup.


  1. If this is of any consolation, neither I or my Dad can slice bread properly. they are thin on one side, and thicker than my thumb on the other.

  2. Ooh, detailed comic! Love the actions you put in it, I think they add a lot (movement lines, sweatdrops etc). :3
    Most bakeries here refuse to slice the bread I buy for some reason. D:

  3. Pfff FINALLY! I haven't been able to post for days because either the blogs I follow (all TWO of them) of my Google account has been giving problems...
    I'm back! Yay!

  4. C: AM somewhat consoled! Most of my bread slices look lop-sided like that. I was about to slice some bread the other day and G stopped me. It was a joke, but stiiiiiill!!! it's okay. I'm going to buy myself a bread slicer. HA!

    T: YAAAY! You're back! And I'll finally have some time tomorrow to check all your new stuff out and comment on them. I had a very Internet-free weekend (maybe less than an hour the entire weekend) was weird. But good. But weird.

  5. Haha well you don't HAVE to comment in return, only if you want to. :p
    Internet-free weekends are good.