Friday, October 21, 2011

X-Mas is Inching Near

Noooooh! Christmas season strikes AGAIN!

Brr, shiver. Why does it start so early in Germany? At least the Halloween hubbub keeps it at bay until November in North America. If you need me, I'll be hiding under my blanket until the first week of January, thanks.


  1. it`s because in north america, there`s thanksgiving and halloween to keep everyone busy till november 1. germany should fully adopt halloween. and carve hokkaido pumpkins.

  2. It's starting earlyer every year! - Like the drawings!

  3. M: YES! I'm all for adopting Halloween. Possibly the BEST holiday EVER. It's fun for everyone, it's an excuse to dress up, AND you get candy. AWESOME!
    And yes. G and I will definito carve pumpkins this year.

    G: I know. But October? Puh-lease.