Sunday, October 30, 2011

The festival we never went to

G finished his exams and no longer needs to study 7 hours a day (for now), so we spent Saturday together just hanging around and relaxing. There were also lots of film festivals going on, one of which we didn't make it to:

G had suggested to me because he thought "it might give me something interesting to blog about." Alas, we didn't go, but it still gave me something (interesting?) to blog about. I sense a beginning of a series. "The Time I Almost Went Skydiving But Didn't." "The Time I Thought About Punching a Dolphin in the Face." "The Day I Tried to Buy Jeans (But Failed)." So on and so forth.

I'll tell you what I did do this weekend, though. We carved pumpkins!

Oooh! Spooky!
"They turned out brain mush into delicious soup."
Photo credit: G
I'm a day early, but here's a terrible (and the only) Halloween joke I know:

Why couldn't the boy bat get laid?
Because he had a hollow weenie.


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