Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bremen in Retrospect II

I forgot to mention that on the train on our way to Bremen we met a really cool German-Dutch filmmaker, Haiko. We talked a lot about cultural differences between countries:

Thanks for the film, Haiko! We really enjoyed it. To check out his work, visit http://www.haikorickhoff.com.


  1. Another one of those comics where not drawing mouths works so well. It makes the comments sound more dry, hehe.

  2. It's funny; neither of us really seem to draw mouths, eh! I think someone said that was one of the reasons why Hello Kitty is so popular; people can imagine her expression to look whatever way they want. Anyway, you're right--the comments do come out a bit more dry with no mouths! Also, what do you think about what H said about Dutch people? Are they actually that much more enthusiastic and positive than the Germans?