Monday, May 16, 2011

Have a Break

I think I might be finished with my Aufgabe. Or almost finished. I'm waiting for the ink to dry while listening to the Eels. I think I'll go running now to clear my head.

Btw, there are some awesomely-flavoured snacks in Germany. I bought a bag of Schinkengeschmack chips (corn chips? some kind of corn-based snack), and it tasted exactly like what bacon would taste like it if it were in chip form.

That being said, I don't know if any country can beat Japan in totally bizarro-flavoured snacks. I just ran a quick Google search for limited edition Kitkat bars, and I found crème brulée, ramune (basically Sprite), strawberry shortcake, cherry-blosson-maccha-green-tea, brown-sugar-and-kinako-soy-powder, candied sweet potato, soy sauce, wasabi, coke, strawberry cheesecake, "European" cheese, mandarin, orange-and-chocolate, muscat grape, apple, yuzu-citrus-and-pepper, banana, miso, honeydew melon, taro, chili, peach . . . yes.

Actually, I found the link to the official Japanese KitKat website with a list and photos of some of the weird flavours they have. I imagine it would be a fun job to engineer new KitKat flavours. Ha!

Oh, Japan.


  1. I better not tell you how that stuff is made :D

    But yes it does taste awesome.

  2. That website is... wow. A friend had some tofu-flavoured KitKat recently, haha.
    This comic is so cute! Ugh, I must really have an obsession with food... and yes I know those crisps, they're good. Funny Frisch used to do a "Lümütüd Edition: Döner mit Alles"... seen Beer flavour too.

  3. R: I probably don't want to know, but yes. It tastes like really salty, delicious bacon. HAHA.

    T: Tofu-flavoured KitKat! Considering tofu doesn't really have a strong taste . . . I'm curious as to what it tastes like. But yes, Döner flavoured chips would be awesome! I once saw a falafel-flavoured snack in a Russian supermarket in Canada. I still regret not having tried it.

  4. bizarrely flavoured snacks? didn't the americans have chocolate chip corndogs? now that's just gross.

  5. eeeeew! Ok, that's pretty bad too. I was trying to explain the concept of corndogs to my German boyfriend the other day. HAHA.