Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mamas Faible

Spent the day preparing my portfolio. I've finally selected (well, select isn't really the right word, since I barely had enough works) the final 20 pieces to go into the portfolio. I got photos printed of all the three-dimensional pieces, mounted them on paper, and put them in as well. It all took much longer than expected, but at least the portfolio is pretty much ready to go. All I need to focus on now is getting the Aufgabe done. And drawing more comics, of course!

Anywho. I also just came back from grocery shopping with my mom. I kept having to drag her away from sweets and boxes labeled "free gift inside," which reminded me of this episode:

This was in Saudi. Saudi was the land of the weirdest combinations of "free gifts." I remember buying a lot of sliced cheese because my mom wanted the Looney Tunes glasses that came with it. We also bought a giant bag of Uncle Ben's rice once because it came with a knife. Knife? Rice? Um, okay.

I have no idea what we did with the six bottles of ketchup. We don't even use that much ketchup. Maybe we just gave them away . . .

Anyway, German classes resume today. Level C2, here I come! (eep) I hope the new people in my class are nice.


  1. toi, toi, toi!

    Your mom is kinda cute :)

  2. I'm afraid I get like that too, especially with collectable glasses and mugs. Not as crazy as my mum though: "Mum, if you don't use the bought products then you'll have paid for the gift as well in the end!"
    I use about half a bottle of ketchup for ketchup fried rice. Bit too late to give as a tip though. XD
    Good luck with the assignment!

  3. R: Haha! She can be a bit insane but generally fun. :D

    T: Oh man! It IS a mom thing! Or an Asian mom thing? HAHA. God, I really have no idea what we did with the ketchup, but if it happens again, we will be making a lot of ketchup fried rice. But half a bottle at a time? That sounds like a lot...