Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know you don't really have to respond. But I feel like I have to, and it always ends up being awkward.

It kind of reminds me of the Oatmeal's comic about movie awkwardness.

More awesome Oatmeal fun (aka. dangerous-procrastination-material-that-will-literally-suck-up-hours) here.

Also, sorry. This is completely unrelated, but this might be the most awesome dress I've ever seen...
"Damn straight, that's Steve Buscemi on my dress!"
The Steve Dress is available from Black Milk for $100, for anyone who wants to buy me one. (I can't quite figure out whether I'm kidding or not.)

I just went on the Black Milk website and realized that the Steve dress model is Asian. It's been a year since I left Japan and I'd forgotten about the existence of blonde Asians...


  1. i totally do that too. for the market i run at work, the delivery guy calls me to say he dropped our produce off, and says 'have a great market,' and i said 'thanks you too.' ha ha oops

  2. HAHA! Uh...have a Yeah. Awkward. I'm so bad at these fast ping-pong conversations. It's one of those moments when you have about 0.2 seconds to decide whether they've said "How are you?" or "What's up?" and whether to respond "Yeah, great, thanks," or "Nothing much!"