Friday, July 29, 2011


Got back from a wonderful time in Riga. I'm refueled with love, food, and happy. Yes, happy. Thanks Z and family!

Aaaand G surprise-picked me up at the airport! Life is awesome.

Here are some doodles I've managed to scribble down while I was there. Sorry for the lack of proper entries, but now I have to go prepare for G's birthday weekend with family and friends.

 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I still get that. Even when passing security gates in shops sometimes, because (bought!) make up and library books tend to make them go off!
    Last pic: so nice! It would totally make my day if I saw that.

  2. Oh, totally agree. I still get a little tense when going past shop security gates...! And yes, apparently Latvians commonly see people off/pick people up with flowers. Isn't that sweet? :)