Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garbage Day


  1. Aaaahhhh I was gonna make ochazyuke tonight because it sounds so incredibly tasty! Got nori, gomasho, salted salmon and sencha tea. I hope it'll work out! Such coincidence.
    The second picture made me laugh, so recognisable (though I imagine one of my friends there, not me). XD I don't know what causes says like that, I don't feel particularly hungry, just never... full.

  2. ochazyuke - ochazuke
    says - days

  3. See, you always do food more properly than I do--I just buy packaged ochazuke mix. (although yes, you're right, it's more expensive in Europe...) I added salted baked salmon on mine, too, though! nom!
    I was going to blame my insatiable appetite on the fact that I ran a lot the day before, but I still seem to be in "garbage day" mode today as well. I'm going to blame it on...hormones. Yeah. Hormones!

  4. I found some ochazuke mix... I'm excited! :D Can't wait to try it (never knew they existed, thanks for mentioning them).

  5. WHOOP! That's great! Hope you like it!