Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nerdlinger Part 3

Continuation of the nerdlinger series!

I took Aikido for only about 2 years. The only thing that I really learned from the classes was how to fall without hurting yourself...but I guess that's pretty valuable!


  1. Not exactly a nerdy thing!
    I signed up for kendo class once but hated having to shout all the time, so I quit after the first lesson. :p Still have the sword, though.
    Hahaha, the grandpa looks so stern in the last picture, eyebrow raised.

  2. Yeah, in retrospect, you're right, it's not as nerdy as the abacus. haha. I guess it was generally nerdy that I had so many after-school activities. Kendo always looks (and sounds!!) so impressive. Too bad you had to buy the gear for one day though! Martial arts (I just write martian arts...haha!) gear can be pretty expensive, eh? I tried kick-boxing maybe twice in my life and that was fun too!