Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Takoyaking

I just love the variety of and the differences between cafeteria food you get in different countries. Wasn't really a fan of the yellow Kohlrabi sauce, but hey, it could have been worse . . .
mensa = student cafeteria
We did make something that wasn't cafeteria food, though: takoyaki! (savory, round octopus pancakes) Here's some pretty photos, a la PaRappa:

"M-I-X the flour (+egg, water, pickled ginger, and green onions) into the bowl! "
"Heat up the hot plate, now we're on a roll!"
"We're making us a (pan)cake that you've never seen before!"
"All we gotta do is apply the final touches."
I think we made about 68 in total. Yup. That was definitely enough for us.


  1. Ey, but wasn't the food in my mensa quite eatable? :)

  2. Nice, you managed to document every step! It's been so delicious. Looking at makes me want to eat them again!

  3. R: It was! A lot of the mensas serve quite good food, it's true!

    G: Now that we're takoyaki experts, we'll have to do it again soon! :)

  4. Indeed! I'm always up for it!

  5. Is that... a poffertjes pan? O_O Saw one recently, we always had the skillet-type at home but I've only seen the electric ones here... ooohh... another excuse to actually get it, damn you! *shakes fist*
    The mensa comic is so recognisable, I tend to analyse food only when it's not great. :D And then... yeah, downgrade (or upgrade?) it to 'fuel'. it does the job.

  6. I had to google poffertjes....I've never had it, but IT LOOKS DELICIOUS! It's actually a takoyaki hotplate, but I bet I could use it for poffertjes and all other spherical-pancake-things. There's an idea! Are poffertjes spherical though? The photos make them look slightly flatter...I should go look for a recipe!

  7. Meh, late reply. Poffertjes are puffy and flat, not spherical, so maybe I was mistaken about the pan. :) Making the batter from scratch requires too much (energy and money), I always get a ready mix... which of course doesn't exist here. >_> Try finding them at a fair maybe?