Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Gap

Happy Sunday! G's birthday celebrations have come to an end with a lovely post-birthday brunch at his parents' place. Afterwards I went running for the first time in 10 days, and while it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, it was a little bit hard.

Anyway, here's a stereotype that I've found to be relatively justified here in Germany: the Germans love their dogs. Well, okay, so G really doesn't like them (The last time I told him to come pet a French bulldog, he literally just touched it twice awkwardly with three fingers.), but I assure you that from the number of dogs out on the street everyday, I can tell you that the population of dog-lovers in Germany (or in Berlin at least) is enormous. And what I love most about these dog-human combos is the gap between the human and the dog. I mean, yes, you do see bad-ass punk guys with giant rottweilers and old ladies with toy poodles and sporty-looking joggers with sleek greyhounds. But once in a while you run into a bad-ass-looking dude with a fluffy little shih-tzu, and it just makes your day.


  1. at least berliners are better at picking up after their dogs. there used to be poo everywhere!

  2. Yeah, Berlin is international famous for beeing the biggest dog poo city!

    Anyway there is that one guy in my neighbourhood, he looks like a cowboy, middle 50 guy, with a beard, grey hair and leather boots. He also carries a guitar case allways with him.

    He looks kinda impressiv but on the other hand he ALLWAYS carrys a small picnic basket with a small dog inside. I allways have to smile when I see him.

  3. I always love seeing grumpy old men walking tiny little fluff dogs. you'd think they have an alsassian, but then it's the fluffadoodle.

  4. M: Significantly better than Parisians, I'll say!

    R: That is AWESOME! So adorable! The picnic basket is a nice touch. I totally owe you a phone call, btw...!

    C: I should get a pet that totally clashes with my girly appearance, too....a komodo dragon perhaps?

  5. Komodo Dragon would probably kill you in a very evil way and eat you weeks later. so maybe something safer?