Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Assholes I've Known in My Life

I was randomly inspired to start a new series called "Assholes I've known in My Life." Thankfully I haven't known that many, but assholes make for funny comic subjects. So yeah. Anyway, here's a long foreword if you feel like reading it. If not, jump right into the first of the five assholes. (Wow, that sounds wrong. But funny. So I'm going to keep it like that. HA!)

*The names of the assholes have been changed to protect (or something like that) the privacy of the assholes.


  1. hahaha amazing!

    firstly, you were in russia?

    secondly, your haircut is super asiany cute, same as mine and maki's when we were young!!!

    lastly, i love that you beat him with a shovel!!!!

  2. OMG TOSHI you commented! (whoop!!!)

    1) Yes, but only when I was 3-6.

    2) YES! I love it. I wonder if we can make a compilation album of all the asians we know who used to have the classic mushroom cut.

    3) I always want to add so much more text to the comic than I should, so I tried to cut a lot of the information out. But yes! The day I decided to take revenge on him was the day he and his friend decided not to tease me, so I went up to him playing in the sandbox TOTALLY UNPROVOKED and started whacking him with a toy shovel. When I looked up, everyone was staring at me wide-eyed. HA!

    I'm going to try to finish this series in the next four days while I'm still motivated. Stay tuned!

  3. First time commenting here but I guess I'm a long time subscriber.

    The fact that you beat Misha with a shovel is amazing.

  4. three year old beating someone with a shovel is pretty amazing. I don't remember what I did when I was three. I noticed the drawings are fatter (not just stick figures) Asian style and the letters are easier to read. I like it! :)

  5. E: Awesome, thanks for commenting and stay tuned for some more assholes... :P

    I: Yeah, I thought I'd try something new. I don't like drawing people that much so it's difficult, but we'll see how it goes. I'll keep the same stick figures for regular bonsai comics though, because I'm a lazy bum. And glad the writing is easier to read!

  6. M: I'll be writing about people you know, too. I still feel unsure about insulting people in public, but I'm doing it for the humour. Right? Right.

  7. I love it! It shows what you're really capable of, comic style. So cute and well drawn! Slight shiver at recognising a mum that had a perm at all ages. :p
    Favourite picture is the beaten-up victim you're holding, bwahahahahaha.

  8. Thanks T! It seems to be THE mom look, eh? :P
    I really quite like the pathetic-looking Misha, too! Thanks a lot!