Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Inevitable

Another (barely) morning update.

I've been an uninspired bum these days so I decided that I should upload the big coloured pencil comic that I made about two weeks ago. Yes . . . the quality is crappy, but hopefully it's legible.

Hum hum. Translation or octopus, translation or octopus?


  1. Hurraaaaay! It doesn't look bad at all (except perhaps the scan quality :p). Love the soft colours. I can't be bothered to add so much detail (cat in frame, background and multi-tasking teeth brushing, pc disk tongue)... dang! Though doing something like this every day would probably drive you crazy. :)

    Huh... no Apple store in Berlin?! That's just... weird.

  2. Oh, and forgot to say hurray for grading (shadows in colour)!

  3. T1: Thanks! (Oh yes, sorry, I meant crappy image quality...drawing-wise this is the best I can do.) And you're right, it *would* drive me crazy if I did this daily (oh man. this took much longer than expected), hence the really sketchy speedy daily comics. You definitely put more time into your drawings, and you're much better in general. I have trouble with...perspective. So basic...but yes. Working on it.

    And it's true, no official Apple stores in Berlin. Frankfurt, check. Munchen, check. Some obscure city I've never heard of, check. But no Berlin!!

    T2: YES!!! Bananagrams. ON FACEBOOK!!!!