Friday, April 29, 2011

Shitty day, hence double update

The last 24 hours has been pretty shitty. Hence the double updates today. (I know, it makes no sense.)

Anyway, this is the other cartoon I made for my portfolio to tie together with the other octopus drawings I made. Sorry again for the poor photo quality...but you get the idea! (And look! no stick figures this time!)

So yes. I've become well-acquainted with octopuses (octopi) in the last few weeks. Makes me kind of want to get one as a pet. Cute little baby octopus tentacles! Squeee!


  1. Awesome artwork!

    And I allways considered Dolphins to be the hipsters of the sea...

  2. The octopus in the bottle made me laugh. XD How nice to have seen the inked version first before the coloured version! Maybe you should make some copies of the originals so you can show both versions in your portfolio?
    More detailed you is cute! But the same counts for the sketchy one with the baggy body. Hmm, dunno which one I prefer. :)

  3. I said 'baggy'... I dunno how else to say it...

  4. R: Thanks Rico! And yes, dolphins. That's another good reason to punch a dolphin in the mouth, HAHA:

    T: The bottled octopus is my favourite too! Yeah, in retrospect, I probably should have made copies of the uncoloured version. It's a bit big (A2) so it's hard to do the entire thing all at once, but at least in parts...
    And the hipstery girl in the comic isn't me, but thanks!! I don't know if i'll draw many more of the non-baggy people because...I'm lazy. But maybe!