Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding to Mitte

Helped J and K move into their new apartment today. I will probably be achy tomorrow, but I had a wonderfully gorgeous sunny Sunday surrounded by good company!

Also, my mother doesn't know how to eat gum:

I still can't believe it's already April. Good god. I'm terrified of the thought of actually having to finish my portfolio, but will have to happen. I never feel like I'm doing enough and it feels unhealthy being under this intense-and-yet-so-vague stress. Yeah. I don't know what that means either.

Early to bed tonight.


  1. Hahaha! And did she realise she did something wrong or was that amount just fine for her? I can't help but feel a bit embarrassed because it's something my mum would do too (with something else)...

    Stressed because you know something has to be finished some time, but it's difficult to work without a set deadline? :)

  2. Haha! No, I think she'd intended to eat like five pieces all at once from the beginning. I don't think she eats gum very much...!

    And yes! Stressed because of the impending (but not exactly sure when) deadline and the uncertainty of whether my stuff is good enough...bof. You went to art school, right? I actually did my undergrad in humanities but I decided that I wanted to go back to art school to study visual communication, but the uni in Berlin is ridiculously competitive...anyway! Nothing to do but keep...making stuff!

  3. I went to two art schools but failed at both during the first year... My plan is to go back one day though, because I loved it there. And it's so nice to be among fellow creative people!
    Until then I'll just keep telling myself I was too young at the time and lacked life experience *cough cough* ahem. :)
    I hope you'll make it! You seem to be a lot more motivated than I was at the time, hahaha.

    Ach, just realised I never clicked 'Subscribe by email'... forgot which posts I commented on before. Oh well.

  4. That's great. It's nice to hear that you're thinking of going back as well because I was starting to think that I was too old to go back to do a second Bachelor's, but heck. Now that I've left Japan (where everyone my age has now been working a proper full-time job for 3 years now), I don't feel so bad about doing another four years if it's for something I really want to do. :)

    Actually, I'm losing track of which posts I've commented on your blog as well. Na ja. I'll just checking back! :D