Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's hay fever season, and I'm kind of itchy and sneezy. I hope that the freak downpours this afternoon have somewhat helped whatever allergens from flying in the air, but we'll see.

Today was a long day of running errand after errand, but at least they're pretty much done now. My Mac is out for repair now, too. I can't wait to get it back. Oof.

I also got my Aufgabe theme from the UdK today. I have three weeks to create something and hand it in (along with my portfolio):

So yes. I may be slightly MIA until May 19 (although not from Bonsai!), but things should be a little bit less hectic after that (aside from practicing life and perspective drawing just in case I get called back for the exam).

But yes. Huff huff. Here we go.


  1. Hurraaaaaay, at least it's confirmed that they got your stuff, haha. Good luck! Three weeks sounds okay, just enough to keep a bit of pressure on so you won't slack off. :)

  2. Normaly at this point I would wish you luck. But I don't think you gonna need that :)

  3. T: YAY! I know, that was the biggest relief. Thanks! I've actually gathered a few good ideas this morning and I'm about to go paper-shopping! :D

    R: Ahh! I need all the luck I can get!!