Thursday, April 14, 2011


Too many octopuses in my head. 


  1. Hahaha, it works so well with the similar panels. :) Dang, I still need to try takoyaki somehow, somewhere. I did see tegut selling entire octopi... fascinating.

  2. R: But so good! Hast du schonmal Takoyaki probiert?
    T: I think Karstadt had pre-cut-up-and-packaged octopi that was perfect for takoyaki (we also have a takoyaki hot plate at home...!). Some Asian food stores have frozen takoyaki as well, and they're great with mayo and okonomi (the brown) sauce and bonito and aonori seaweed!

  3. I haven't seen the frozen takoyaki yet, but the stores offer new fancy stuff every time I visit (though things also disappear...). Japanese mayo on fishballs... *drool* Thanks for the tip, I'll check Karstadt!