Monday, April 18, 2011


Wargh! Missed an update on Sunday.

I'm not even sure why I started drawing octopuses (apparently this is the more common plural form), but I think I'm in octopus hell. Now that's all I'm drawing in order to give my portfolio some kind of a . . . theme. Something that binds the works together.

So yes. No proper comic today, but instead you get a picture of a hipstoctopus.

Le tired. A little bit of German homework, and it's bedtime.


  1. Finally got to see some of the artwork. Yay! :3 Do you need to have a theme though? If none of the artworks have anything to do with each other, it will be clear that you've been experimenting... which isn't a bad thing?

  2. Yeah, I guess you're right. I have different media (sculpture, jewelry, woodcut) so I think I will be okay variety-wise. But they're all so random and have nothing to do with each other so I kind of got worried. Anyway, in the end, I should have 4 pieces (of the 20) that are all octopus-related, so that's enough, right? Blargh. I don't even know anymore. D:

  3. I got through the entrance exams for ArtEZ in Arnhem by bringing in a bread shaped like a (very basic) person. Bring takoyaki! XD Just kidding.
    Pff, those exams sound tough! O_O Are you entering for the coming year (August/September)?

  4. That's so cool! Food is an awesome medium. Takoyaki there's a thought! Yeah, I'm applying for this coming autumn semester, and I just handed in my paperwork (CV, application form, certificates, etc). I'm supposed to receive an Aufgabe from the uni soon, which I have to work on and hand in with my portfolio. But I haven't received anything so far and it makes me paranoid that they rejected my paperwork. GAAHHH. But yes. I'll keep you posted!